Wedding Day

My interest and love for flowers, really began in 1993. As a young bride, I spent months leafing through various wedding magazines and envisioning myself with Princess Diana's, lavish cascading bouquet.

Of course I picked all the most expensive flowers that were out of season! I quickly learned about budgets and availability, and with my growing latin botanical vocabulary, and my very talented floral designer, my expectations were soon exceeded! The results? Happy parents, happy bride, and a beautiful wedding!

Besides the bride and her beautiful gown, what do people talk about at a wedding? If you guessed the flowers, you are right!

Flowers are a significant decor element in any wedding. They are carried by the bridal party, they surround the alter, they decorate the tables and chairs, and often the cake. Flowers can also be worn as adornment in the form of crowns, earrings, rings and necklaces. Your guests will talk about the flowers during dinner and long after the wedding! They will be a focal point in your pictures too!

Flowers make your special day a beautiful day! It would be my pleasure to help you create a unique and memorable occasion. Using my talents as a designer, I will work with you to bring your vision to life, while staying within your budget. If you haven't got a vision, leave it all to Fleurs de Vedra! Along with my team of talented and professional staff, we will help to make your wedding day the best!